Thursday, 2 March 2017

How is our Indian music and live singing

There are so many types of activity which is relative our Indian culture and run in Indian as singing, dancing, acting and others types of activities. There are lot of peoples in our India who are interested in these types of activities. But here we are talking about singing. Our Indian music label is so much high in the compare of others countries. There are seven notes in Indian songs on which our India music is depend and run by Indian singers artists. Everybody knows very well that our ancient singers used to music and singing with a very excellent notes and good scale and theirs singing touch the people's heart and still our Indian old singers sing very well compare today's singers.

In India, there is a big part of peoples who want to have craze in singing or live singing programs. And lot of songs has been composed and sung by new generation of singers. But it is not interested compare to Sung by old generation. And it may be the effect on our Indian music and fall down music label. It may be the mistake or good quality of our new generation Indian singers. Because In Indian there are so many peoples who likes old singer’s songs and there are so many types of peoples who likes new generation of Singer’s songs. So music is made seeing peoples demand. But whatever new songs are not live till a very long time as old.

So guys, we have to care for our Indian music and peoples who are interested in singing and music, help for increase the label of Indian music. And always keep attentive for live singing program. Because some peoples feel so much nerves ness at singing time in front of public base but they are very good singers. A becoming a very good singers and having a sweet voice with good singing notes, they nerves on the stage and their singing change in as a poem. So firstly we have to remove nerves ness in our selves. And it may be the possible after performing as live singing in front of everyone and perform again and again on public base. It is the best way to become a good singer.

                                                                                   Written by Lavi Garg , Director L-Company